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Intune Patch Management Solutions

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Kindly i need to know if intune has a patch management solutions to update automatically third party softwares on devices not just the microsoft applications





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There is not really a patch management solution within Intune. However, there is a driver update ring where you can specify that third party drivers be updated automatically. (

Applications installed through the Microsoft Store are automatically kept up to date. (

Other applications must be repackaged if you want to roll out a new version. (

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Hello @JosvanderVaart,


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I don't know if the answer that @JosvanderVaart suits your question, but so far as I can read the question, is that you want to know if there is a solution to update 3rd party software.
For this you can use PatchMyPC for example.
Hello Jeroen Burgerhout,

The client need to update third party software from intune automatically is that applicable?


As Jeroen mentioned... PatchMypc is your solution and could talk with Intune to do this automatically for you... of course its not free but what is :) ?

Pmp is very easy to use and would make sure all apps are always uptodate and patched
Thank you for the answer it helped a lot
Thank you for the confirmation its nice to have it as a solution