Intune Management Extension does not connect over proxy

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We have a co-management enabled for our tenant and we are trying install some packaged applications using Intune. Intune management extension stamps the proxy settings as below but it still tries to connect to Microsoft IPs and Urls directly and does not respect the proxy settings: Has anyone experienced this issue?




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Intune Internet Endpoints should be whitelisted. And yes it should respect proxy settings. Check out this thread and see if it's any help

They are all whitelisted and the proxy setting in the registry is set correctly, but the intune extension doesn't seem to be going through the proxy when we are doing the network trace. lists all the endpoints it needs to be able to connect, don't know if you include/exlude certain things from your proxy settings? Also running tcpview.exe and monitoring "Intune" while restarting the service could shed some light?