Intune device compliance and configuration status delay

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Hi all,

since a couple of weeks we're (checked within many tenants EU region) facing an issue with Intune reporting latency. Device compliance and device configuration profile status remains either "pending" for config profiles or "not evaluated" for compliance policies.

As both are applied successfully to the device it pretty much looks like a delay within the reporting instance of Intune.

Anyway this issue could become a real problem in case of troubleshooting an Intune managed device during enrolment. 

Currently the latency, until a valid status is reported within Intune, is something about 1-2 hours. 

There is a ticket already ongoing for this topic, but we received a somehow questionable feedback from Microsoft: there is no SLA on reporting frequency... :) 

This answer is somehow funny, as the reporting latency between the device and Intune was working perfectly fine during the last 2 years, with an update frequency aligned to the sync frequency (every 3 min first 30 min) 

So can you kindly check this and fix it...

Thank you


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we are facing the same issue as well...started in dec19

@Thomas Höhner 

Any update on this ? 

This is so annoying. I've been deploying, configuring and managing Intune for many years and had the chance of trying other MDMs and god, this one is the worst on many many points..



this issue was fixed in general a couple of month ago - nevertheless there are still times during the month where the intune reporting stucks... but in general the situation improved pretty much :)