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Intune Connector and Domain Controllers

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Should the Endpoint devices be able to talk to the Intune Connector or how does this work if the devices are not Internal and are external on the Internet for Hybrid Azure AD Join?


Also, should the Intune Connector be talking to all the domain controllers and should it have a bidirectional flow of traffic for the ODJ blob file to be obtained by the device?

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The Endpoint talks to intune during deployment to join the Active Directory Domain, and Intune talks to the server with the installed Intune Connector. That server will register a computer account for the Endpoint and transfer it back using the Intune Connector, which will transport it to the Endpoint to complete the Active Directory Domain join.

The connector needs network access to a Domain Controller to register the computer account (

The Endpoint needs network access to a Domain Controller to complete the process. The clients can be in the same LAN environment or connected using VPN during the enrollment process.
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