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We are enrolling Android devices to Intune using Zero Touch enrollment. Devices are enrolled as fully managed corporate devices. After the enrollment, there is no "Intune Company Portal" app in the app drawer. I check Settings > Applications and the Play Store and it says the app is installed, but I cannot find it.


Intune and Authenticator app are installed and appear in the app drawer. I have tried enrolling with Intune Company Portal unassigned and assigned from Intune, but it makes no difference.


Any ideas on what the issue could be?


Thank you very much for your help.


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On a fully managed corporate device, the Intune app is the replacement for the Company Portal. All the policies are send through the Intune app. To install applications, you need to add them to the Managed Google Play store.


What exactly is not working at the moment?



I am trying to make an Android LOB app available in the Company Portal. It is not available in the Intune app either.


You will need to upload it to the managed google play store. Which is described in this blog

I hope this helps. 

I clicked on the doc, but it only shows how to enable the play store. I would like to upload "test" versions of company Android app (apk file) so that I can allow users to install it. I do not see a way to upload an app to the managed play store.
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After you enable the play store, you go to Apps=> Android. There you select Add App and choose Managed Google Play. From that portal you will be able to upload your LOB-App