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Jul 21 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)

Intune Autonomous Single App Mode


Dear All,

Has anyone actually got Intune's ASAM working?

I have deployed the app to the iPad and specified the same app with app bundle ID under the ASAM section in the Device Restriction profile. Everything seems well and deployed. But the iPad just doesn't launch into the single app mode. I even tried the app that's already on the iPad like Apple TV. The profile is installed and I can confirm that from Intune as well as from the Device Management on the iPad. iPad is DEP device and enrolled with no user affinity.

Thanks all.

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Base on some unofficial confirmation from Microsoft and reading AppIe development docs, I believe the Autonomous Single App Mode needs App developer to support it. Once in the ASAM mode within the app, the app needs to have a mechanism to quit or sign out. I have made the Zoom Room app working in the ASAM mode. It has a sign out button to quit the app thus exit the ASAM mode and return to full access to iPad. If the app doesn't have the ability to quit itself, it's just like the Kiosk mode and won't work in the ASAM mode.