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Hi All

We are currently looking at trialing intune as our MDM solution using the android Enterprise Platform. We are using  samsung devices that are fully corporate owned.


After successfully enrollment Android Enterprise limits the applications but also remove core system apps such as SMS , Camera etc

I need to Enable Samsung OEM applications that were disabled by Android Enterprise


I have experience with other MDMs  where remote scripts can be sent e.g 




Is there a scripting function within intune to send android scripts to enable apps and functions

I can see there is a samsung knox plugin available, but Ideally we do not want to purchase additional Samsung knox licenses or subscription to enable this functionality if possible .


Any advice would be gratefully received and appreciated





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The original code generated ends with }}. I put the line ,"": true - in between the two }}. Needs the comma at the start straight after the first of the two}.


Hope this helps, seems to leave Camera and Text apps plus some others which do not work anyway (such as Netflix).

Thanks Jim for the correct Syntax info. What software/app do you use to edit the QR code? And how do you export / import the updated QR code into Intune?
@Jim Rorrison Thanks Jim for the correct Syntax info. What software/app do you use to edit the QR code? And how do you export / import the updated QR code into Intune?

Have a look at
Something is in development for system apps:

System apps will be supported on Android Enterprise devices. In Intune, you will add an Android Enterprise system app by selecting Client apps > Apps > Add. In the App type list, select Android Enterprise system app.

Thanks for the docs link @Peter Klapwijk It mentions a September release date for this feature, any idea on a specific date for this or is it just an estimate target date for an in development feature? The reason I ask is we are deploying about 150 Android enterprise devices in October in support of a new ERP and obviously need some of these core system apps available before deployment. The Samsung Gallery app is fine as I have been able to install as part of the enrolment via the managed google play store, however the Samsung camera app is annoyingly not available. I am looking to find a away ASAP to restore/keep/reinstall the system Samsung camera app whilst enrolling the corporate dedicated devices via Intune. (I have raised a support case with Microsoft)

@LewisTaylor No idea.
Usually there are multiple updates during a month for Intune as you can see here
But it is unknown when a specific update is released. And if there might be an issue with a new feature, it could also mean it is delayed. So we can just wait and see if it shows up in de portal.

I wrote a super quick WinForms application to capture and re-generate the QR code with the 'All system apps' enabled. Was tired of doing this manually. 


How-to is located in the wiki.

@Peter Klapwijksince Fully Managed is now GA you can do this via apps rather than modifying the QR code! See