Intune Android (Company Portal App Auto removes itself)

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I have a test device connected using Samsung Knox and Intune, fully managed.

When deployed it installs Intune app, and Company Portal etc.


But when I click on the Company Portal app, it just removes itself from the device, still says installed in the Google Play store but you are unable to access it, like it crashes and then the icon is removed for it.


Running Android 12 Samsung Tablet.

This means no users can access company portal on the device, and I understand that it should be the Intune app and the Google Play store to manage apps. But why is Company Portal installed in the first place, I can't even set it to not install because that area is greyed out in the settings in Intune

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@JimmyWork did you ever get to the bottom of this we are having the same issue

I actually think it should be removed, replaced with the Intune App