Intune and MECM App deployment

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I am working to bring my company up to Autopilot but am running into an issue when needing to pre-provision any device with any app over 8GB.  We have many architectural and structural applications (Autodesk software for example 15+ GB per application).  I have attempted to run a task sequence through MECM during the device provisioning stage but it is quickly skipped due to the success of the MECM client which causes the task sequence to fail.  The task sequence seems to work well during the user phase and kicks off the task sequence without issue, but it is not the "pre-provisioned" approach we are looking for.  Has any had any luck with alternative large application deployments like using Blob storage or a third-party tool like Chocolatey?  I am sure I just missed a conversation like this in the past but with so many of us just adjusting to the past year of remote work it has been hard to keep up on all conversations. 


Thanks in advance for any suggestions/support.  

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Hey Nick,
I haven't personally deployed anything that large, the closet I have gotten to that is 4GB and had inconsistent deployments unfortunately. I would check out the new Windows Package Manager and seeing how you can utilize that for a better experience.
I will say that if I had to do this I would try and get creative with it and see how I can make the device can pull the data instead of pushing similar to your thoughts with Chocolatey. With the new Store I am eager to see the capabilities of in situations like this since you can upload Win32 Apps.