How does one deploy through Intune the "Microsoft.Office.Desktop" Appx Package?

Steel Contributor

Knowing that there is the Office 365 ProPlus Click-to-run installer template within Intune, I wonder if there may be a way to deploy Office through the Store for Business.


We are finding Office to be pre-installed on some new Windows 10 devices. These have not been installed using the MSI or Click-to-run installer, but as an AppX (MSIX?) package. Get-AppxProvisionedPackage shows the display name to be "Microsoft.Office.Desktop" and the Store app shows that it has Add-ons for each installed component of the Office suite.


For our devices which do not already have Office installed, how would one deploy through Intune the Microsoft.Office.Desktop Appx Package?


Maybe, I am getting ahead of Microsoft on this and it will eventually show up as an option in the Store for Business.


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