How do I stop apps from trying to install if the app is already installed?

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I apologize for my lack of knowledge as I am new to Intune and app deployment.


I am encountering a recurring problem in which SnagIt attempts to install repeatedly on the machines within the beta group. Despite the fact that the application is already installed, it persistently tries to install every other day, resulting in installation failures.


How can I prevent this?



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The request is very unspecific. How was the app released? Line of Business app (MSI) or Windows 32 app with Intunewin format...

Can you please put screenshots of the settings in here?

@tschlappinger Hello and sorry for the vagueness.

This is a Win32 app with the Intunewin format. Here are some screen shots.



I guess my main question is why is Intune not detecting SnagIt already being installed on my device? 



@HenryDog the issue is most likely related to detection logic. Are you just checking for msi product code and\or version as well? Is the installed snagit product code different than what you have configured?


I suspect that the MSI version is not correct.
As you can see, different version do have different IDs. You should check, which ID your Version is and use this to check.


Alternatively you could check if e.g. the exe of Snagit is installed with version xyz.