Error 80180014 due to device restrictions for Windows Autopilot devices

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We've encountered an issue due to device restrictions. We wanted to block personal devices to register in AAD. Due to this policy we are unable to deploy Windows Autopilot devices because When we blocked personal devices it also blocks AAD join during Windows Autopilot (error code 80180014).

Is there a way to set the device as corporate device when importing hardware ID in order to by pass this issue or with conditional access block personal device without affecting Windows Autopilot ?


Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Aurera


I don’t think you have much to do here, you have to manually change the status to Corp when importing hardware IDs.

You use device restriction policy to disable access for personal devices, right?




Thanks for your answer @Moe.

Yes i'm using device restrictions to block personal device.

How do you change the status to corp directly in device properties ?
Yes, click on the device and Properties, change the status to Corp.

Have you tried Conditional access to block Personal devices instead of device restriction? You can use custom policy with Cloud App Security and block access by “Presence of client certificates in a trusted chain”.

I don’t think it achieves the objective but another control that may help solving your issue.

Check below for more info:

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I had the same issue this video helped me fix it.


Turned out to be that I didn't have personal devices enabled to join Azure AD, changed the setting in Endpoint Management in Microsoft 365 admin portal.

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