Error 0x800702E4 when deploying LastPass

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I am currently trying to deploy LastPass but Intunes says that the deployment of one of the Devices/Users has failed with the Status: 0x800702E4. The weird thing is that the other deployments were succesfull.

Someone Online said, that I should change the deployment from User to System, but the Users would need Administration rights for that, if am correct. If that was the case, then why dont all Users then have this message. (The User/Device which has this message doesnt have any problems on other Applications)


I am only an Internship, so please keep the replies simple but thanks for any help in advance!

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Could you show us your Intune app settings for LastPass?
Thanks, but is it worth it, if its already downloaded on everyone elses Device with the .intunewin?
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It should detect if it's already installed, the .intunewin file is deleted from the device after installation or after failure until it tries again. 


And you assigned it to all devices instead of all users? It's better to assign it to (dynamic) groups so that you can use a test group for test deploying the software first for example