Effect on existing device when enabling Android Enterprise

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Hi there,


Currently, we enrolled our corporate Android devices to Intune and created "Android (platform)" compliance policies and configuration profiles. 


We would like to look at using Android Enterprise compliance policies and configuration profiles, by connecting to a managed Google account.


My guess is it should be okay but will that create any issues with devices which were enrolled on non-Android Enterprise profiles/policies please? Will they require immediate re-enrollment please?




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@cake765 overall it won't mess with existing devices, because you have to have separate profiles for Android(Device Admin or legacy model) and Android Enterprise. So it won't affect current devices.


Using Enrollment restrictions you can limit group of users who can enroll Android Enterprise devices and i do recommend to do that for proper testing/policies creation prior to enabling that for everyone.


Just be aware about one more thing (at least i saw that during my tests). If you have both Android and Android Enterprise enabled for user, all new enrollments will go through Android Enterprise. User has no option to choose the mode.

Like @Alexander Vanyurikhin says use groups to target enrollment

I have experienced one thing that is a pain for users. Devices enrolled with device admin and gets targeted with Android enterprise starts to enroll for enterprise.
Thanks so much Alexander. Appreciated.
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