easy way to troubleshoot configurations?

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I have created a number (about 15) of custom configurations in a policy for Surface Hub.  Each configuration has a name and a description.  When I push the policy to my test device, one is showing in an error state.  The description column is blank.  Each configuration appears clickable, but you can't click on the configuration to see which one it is.  


Is there an easy way to see which configuration is in an error state without opening each one and verifying all of the fields?

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Honestly David, troubleshhoting custom Windows 10 policies/profiles in the admin UI is not going to provide you much of a hint of what's wrong. Not yet anyway.


The best way to troubleshoot these custom OMA-URIs is to do so on the client. Export the MDM XML file from "Add Work or School" settings -> Related Settings. Export the XML to html or better yet test your custom profiles using the latest Insider build and it will do it for you. Look for the OMA-URI aka CSP and make sure it is applying the correct value. If it is missing or the value is not correct, more than likely it is not supported on that OS edition or build. Of course, the obvious reason is because the OMA-URI was not entered in correctly or using the incorrect value.


Also, if the custom OMA-URIs are really that important, I would provide feedback for the Intune product team to just make it a simple toggle switch to enable them. That way it can be clearly documented what OS it supports and more. Also, if the OMA-URIs ever change for newer builds, Microsoft will proactively change it. Less head straching when errors start to occurr after an update.

Thanks for the response.  Unfortunately it's not that easy with Surface Hub.  I'm not aware of a way to get logs remotely, and I'd have to look at the logs you can get local to the device to see if that information is surfaced.