Devices(ipad) long to appear in Azure AD Devices list after enrollment.

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Devices (ipads) taking forever to appear in Azure AD Devices list after enrolling with company portal. The device appear in All Devices in INTUNE but take 24 hours+ to arrive in Azure AD devices' list.  Did 2 ipads enrollment yesterday around 11 a.m. and one of the two arrived in Azure Ad Device this morning around 10 a.m so around 23 hours for this one, still waiting for the other one. But they all managed to arrive sometimes.   No dynamic groups (don't have AAD Premium yet( I think we need this for dynamic group?).  The enrollment goes without a glitch, we've pushed the company portal app, everything works great except that long waiting time to get them in AAD Devices.  After it has arrived in that list we can go with apps and restrictions no problem and everything appears on the Ipad as expected.  Is that long a time normal? we don't think so (or at least don't expect it to ) what could be the cause?  Is there a way to sync or trigger something that could speed up the process?   Were pretty new to INTUNE.   Thanks for any hints.

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Wrapping up Summer of 2021 and this is still a huge issue. I'm new to Intune and do have the ability to create dynamic groups. It only saves you the time of automating the device profiles once it appears in the group. It still takes over 24 hours. I'm coming from an AirWatch environment were the devices were up and running in less than 5 minutes. I setup 9 iPads Monday morning early, 1 has the profiles required. It is Tuesday afternoon.
We definitely need a way to force the system to update when we are working with devices.