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Mar 20 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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I started to test Intune, and a little bit confused by one case. I hope you can help me to understand.

I have several test users and several test devices. I want to test the difference between when each user has an Intune License and when I join device to Azure AD without a License and then enroll the device with other users with a license.

Test user USER1 had a license and i joined and enrolled device. Then i removed license, re-install device, and when i log in with USER1 (he doesn't have Intune License) somehow this device auto enrolled again, i cannot understand why. I took new device and log it with USER 1 (without license) to it , and new device auto enrolled to Intune with need hostname again.
The device accepts all policies and settings from Intune as a result.

Could you please help me to understand this logic? I don't need to have License to user when i use MDM. Or i need it only once? How i can joined and auto enrolled new device (from the box) with the User without Microsoft Intune License?

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Yes, you have activate licence, after you have removed it, and now it's like he still have licence because licence is still available in your tenant. This is a reply that I received from a Microsoft workshop regarding this topic.
thanks for your reply.

but i don't understand what i need to do). Assignee license to user, unenroll device and then everything will be fine? User, without license not be able to auto enroll device to Intune when he registers it in Entra ID?