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Device authentication failed, error code 50155

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Wasn't really sure where I should post this question.

Our customer has Hybrid joined client devices, sccm and intune are running in comanagement pilot. Some clients log authentication error messages in Azure AD:

Device authentication failed, error code 50155

Associated application is "clientapp", resource is "intune-connect" - these were probably created by SCCM when setting up comanagement.

Sccm client log file "adaloperationprovider.log" shows multiple errors like the following:

* WAM token request failed. status 5, details 'aad wam extension error'

* failed to get aad token

* a generic error occured while acquiring user token... send an interactive authorization request for this user and resource..


The latter might be the key to the solution, but I do not know how I should edit the application or resource to be interactive. Appreciate any kind of advice :) BR, Ruslan

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