Detection of Office C2R after Co-Mgmt Workload Move

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Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of identifying potential issues with moving our C2R workload from SCCM over to Intune. Our SCCM devices currently have Office C2R installed on them from when they were imaged, but are not managed using SCCM. From the Intune side we actively deploy Office to all machines using the built in Office C2R. My concern is when I toggle the switch over to Intune that my existing device will get Office reinstalled/removed. I have tested this and the result is inconsistent, but at least some of the devices did get Office reinstalled, MS Support confirmed this. 


In an effort to try and minimize the amount of devices that will get Office reinstalled I am trying to identify how Intune detects Office C2R built-in to be able to compare against our existing devices.


Anyone have any info around how Intune detects the built in Office.


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