Deploying Office templates using Microsoft Intune

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Hoping someone can help with the issue I am currently having.


I'm using Intune to install Word and Powerpoint templates automatically so that they are already there when a user logs into the application, and no one has to add them to custom templates. The templates are saved in the correct format and have been synced down from a Sharepoint library into the end users file explorer, and Intune confirms that the deployment has succeeded on all devices.


The issue that I'm having is that sometimes I will open Powerpoint/Word, press New and the templates will be there under custom or shared depending on the application. If I then close the application and reopen it there are no templates to be found, and it shows Personal instead of Custom in Powerpoint.


I am using a Device Configuration Policy admin template to change the path of the templates to where they are located.


Anyone have any idea where this might be going wrong, or why the templates show or disappear at different times?



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Let me read your question... but first... just wondering but why didn't you used this method ?