Deploying applications through Azure Enterprise App

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Deploying Apps through Enterprise App is better or use the following method in Intune


Microsoft Intune > Client apps > Apps and click the + Add button


We have few apps that needs to be deployed on a BYOD device or Company provided device like LogMein, Horizon View client so how would we go about deploying this as soon as the device joins.


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hi @oryxway,


Azure AD Enterprise application are used for e.g., authenticate your SaaS applications with your Azure AD account, provide single sign on etc. But not for deploying and installing applications on a device.


of you want to install application on device (Byod or company owned laptop) you should use Intune. Register the device in Intune. And publish the application via the client apps blade as required for all device so the app will be automatically installed after a device joins your Intune tenant.


if you have question, feel free to ask.


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