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Company Portal Failing to Install - 0x80073CF0

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We are currently having an issue with one of our AutoPilot deployed laptops.


Intune Company Portal is being pushed out to the device via Microsoft Business Store, following this guide I believe:


Unfortunately, the deployment seems to be failing (hit or miss, fails maybe 1/3 times?) with the following error code:


The package couldn't be opened


We've deployed Company Portal the same way across multiple other clients and never run in to this issue before.


The image is fresh Windows 10 1909 created from Media Creation Tool the other day.


Any suggestions why this may be?

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Hi Nitvit,

MSFT released in Ignite that you can connect your PC reseller to Azure AD/Intune directly, no need for Windows Store For Business. Check with Microsoft and PC reseller for more info.

Do you use Dynamic Group for assigning profiles? If yes, change it to Static/regular security group and give it another try.
I have seen some issues like this because of using Dynamic groups.


Did you ever get this sorted Nivit, I'm seeing the same issue with offline store apps deployed via Intune
Hi Stuart,

Unfortunately I can't find my notes regarding this issue other than the post.

Off the top of my head, I think the documentation I linked deployed it slightly differently.
It references deploying the Online version of the Intune Company portal which is what I believe caused the original issue in question.

Under Manage > Settings in the Microsoft Store for Business, there is an option to Show offline apps.
When you add the Company Portal it will give you an option to select Online or Offline. Choose Offline.

Next time it syncs to Intune, deploy the Company Portal (Offline).
I have had far better success with this. Hope it helps.
Ah interesting, I've got the reverse problem, i.e. I get the error when using the Company Portal (Offline) app, the Company Portal (Online) works ok.
Hey Stuart - did you find resolve here? We're seeing this issue on Windows 10 21H1.
I am enabling the offline store right now... lets see what happens when enrolling a test device... I will come back when I have more info
Awesome - look forward to hearing from you. We're seeing it with all Microsoft Store apps that are set to required; new device build doesn't progress past the ESP.
I have tried multiple things now

-Online Company App --> installed --> apps from the company app are installed successfully
-Offline company app --> failed sometimes?
-Offline app, added to intune manually with the appx bundle files and prereqs --> installed --> apps from the company app are installed successfully...

So maybe trying to add the company app to intune manually
Intriguing... that would mean you'd have to periodically repackage/reupload the Company Portal app when Microsoft release updates though right? Does the Store still pick it up and update it on deployed machines after that point or is the install orphaned?
I am not sure, but you would expect the static version you downloaded... will be updated after it's installation automatically by the Microsoft store app (if you didn't blocked it :p ) ?