Company Portal Auto login on MAC

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Hi all,

Can anyone advise if Company Portal can auto login on startup?

I have it open on start up on our Macs but it requires a one click login – the credentials are auto filled!
It would be good if this operates automatically.


Device = Mac14,7

OS = macOS 12.4


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Do you use the Microsoft Enterprise SSO Plug-in? :  The Company Portal is the SSO app for macOS so I am not sure the settings work the same (never tested this). But there is a setting to disable application prompts, in this case you are probably looking for OAuth2, you can find it here, the key is disable_explicit_app_prompt apple-sso-plugin


Again because this is for the Company Portal not sure this will work the same as for other apps but if not tried yet this might be of interest.

Hi @Demon30, Have you tried the below steps?

Select your preferences for single sign-on and in-app data collection in the Company Portal. To access your preferences:

Open the Company Portal app.
Go to the menu bar and select Company Portal > Preferences.

Single sign-on
The single sign-on extension configures your work or school account so that you only have to authenticate once to access all apps and services within your organization's network. To opt out of SSO on your macOS device, select the checkbox next to Don't ask me to sign in with single sign-on for this device.

Please check the link below for more details.