Company owned phones can't use iMessage or FaceTime

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Any of our company owned iPhones can't use iMessage or FaceTime if they are signed in with their own apple ID.  These are not managed Apple ID's so iMessage and FaceTime should work to my knowledge.


Any ideas on what the issue could be?


Users who enrolled their own phones are fine.  It seems to be only company owned phones.  I have no configuration policies blocking iMessage or FaceTime.  The user goes into iPhone settings and tries to enable iMessage or FaceTime and it keeps failing.   If they open iMessage, they can send SMS messages fine.


Our enrollment profile, I have the iMessage and FaceTime set to Hide during setup.  Would it be that?

I have user affinity enabled, it installs the Intune Company Portal app with a VPP account, supervised is enabled.  The only setup screens I allow are:  Passcode, Location Services, Restore, Apple ID.  The reset are hidden.

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@cashxx From what I read that should not be the problem. That would only hide the screens during enrollment. 


Make sure that you did not apply one of these settings:



Yea, for the most part I think that is all it does.  I tried it and made no difference.  I'd like to hide them all, but noticed if I hide the Apple ID, when users get to the home screen most of the Apple apps have iCloud symbols next to them.  I enable that Apple ID during setup and it looks normal on login then.  Didn't think it worked like that, but seemed that is what it was.