Command line to forcesync the apps from Intune to macOS

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Does anyone know is there any command line to do force sync the .pkg, .dmg or LOB apps from Intune to macOS? If so, please let me know. 

I've a script to appear app icon on the dock via intune however, in order to execute dockutil should be installed on the macOS. So I've deployed dockutil pkg in Intune. When running the script, I've to check whether dockutil got installed or not. If not will add the force sync command in the script of appearing app icon on dock items. Thanks.

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Hi @Vpushpa ,

there is no specific command for syncing an app. However, you have multiple options to force sync the app deployment.

  • Use company portal app on Mac to Sync
  • Sync from Intune admin center
  • Refresh the app install intent from Intune admin center
  • Use grap api calls

I hope this helps you with your query. 

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