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Blogpost - Adding printer drivers to Endpoint Manager using PowerShell

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Wrote a blogpost about adding printerdrivers to Endpoint Manager, scripts are: (Fore more details,





$drivers = Import-Csv .\Drivers.csv -Delimiter ','
foreach ($driver in $drivers) {
    C:\Windows\Sysnative\pnputil.exe -a $driver.Path
    Start-Sleep -Seconds 5
    Add-PrinterDriver -Name $
New-Item -Path c:\programdata\customer\Printers\printers.txt -Force:$true -Confirm:$false






$drivers = Import-Csv .\Drivers.csv -Delimiter ','
foreach ($driver in $drivers) {
    Remove-PrinterDriver -Name $ -Confirm:$false 
    Start-Sleep -Seconds 5
    C:\Windows\Sysnative\pnputil.exe -d $driver.Path
remove-Item -Path c:\programdata\customer\Printers -Recurse -Force:$true -Confirm:$false






Canon Generic Plus PCL6,Canon\C5840i\GPlus_PCL6_Driver_V240_32_64_00\x64\Driver\cnp60ma64.inf
Canon Generic Plus PS3,Canon\C165\GPlus_PS3_Driver_V240_32_64_00\x64\Driver\cns30ma64.inf
HP ColorLaserJet MFP M278-M281 PCL-6 (V4),HP\HP ColorLaserJet MFP M278-M281 PCL-6 (V4)\hpzead2a4_x64.inf
HP DesignJet Universal Print Driver HPGL2(v5.9.0),HP\HP Designjet Universal\win-x64-hpgl2-drv\hpi91edx.inf
HP LaserJet M507 PCL-6 (V4),HP\M507\HP_LJM507\HP_LJM507_V4\hpkoca2a4_x64.inf
HP LaserJet Mono PCLmS Class Driver,HP\HP LaserJet Mono PCLmS\prnhpcl1.inf
HP LaserJet Pro M501 PCL-6,HP\HP_LaserJet_Pro_M501_Series\hpbi652a4_x64.inf
HP Universal Printing PCL 6,HP\HP Universal\hpcu225u.inf
HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.7.0),HP\HP Universal\hpcu225u.inf
HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v7.0.0),HP\CP2025\upd-pcl6-x64-\hpcu250u.inf
HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (V7.0.1),HP\HP Universal Print Driver\pcl6-x64-\hpcu255u.inf
Generic 36C-9SeriesPCL,Konica Minolta\Generic 36C-9SeriesPCL\koaycja_.inf






powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass .\install_printerdrivers.ps1






powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass .\remove_printerdrivers.ps1



Create a .intunewinpackage with this and use a detection on c:\programdata\customer\printers\printers.txt

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