Azure AD registered to hybrid joined + Intune MDM enroll

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we're having ~150 devices that are on-premise domain joined and Azure AD registered through the Access work or school option.

We would like to lift those devices to a hybrid AAD join and also enroll them in intune.

I set up a SCP GPO and the MDM enroll GPO and tested with a few devices.


If the device is only domain joined and the computer is not yet synced through Azure Connect: As soon as I put the computer in a AAD-synced OU and deploy the GPOs, everything goes smoothly into hybrid AAD join + compliant Intune MDM enroll.


However, if the device is already AD registered, it switches to hybrid join but the MDM enroll does not work. dsregcmd /status shows "WillNotProvision" but with no error message. 
Event log shows a lot of warnings that Windows Hello for Business could not be started. Also it says  Precheck for automatic deploment completed, device is already joined.

Is there any other way I can debug this? Is there a way to reset the mdm enroll?

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