Azure AD Connect and AutoPilot


I have INTUNE connector installed, should I be enabling in AZURE AD Connector


Configure device Options

       ---- Hybrid Azure AD join?


Shouldn't the INTUNE connectors take care of this or this has to be enabled in Azure AD Connector servers?  Doing the Hybrid Azure AD Join (Autopilot) first time. Only joined machines to Azure AD.


Appreciate your input guys and gals.

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Hi @oryxway 


The Intune Connector for your Active Directory creates autopilot-enrolled computers in the on-premises Active Directory domain. But for joining the computer to Hyb AAD there are additional steps required. Please refer the link Enrollment for hybrid Azure AD-joined devices - Windows Autopilot | Microsoft Docs




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This connector service account must have the following permissions:

I have got the Intune Connectors installed. Now, I am trying to follow here. We do not have multiple domains. So, I am thinking this is where the problem is. The account that Intune ODJConnector Service Properties is currently using NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.

So, we have to have a service account as below and added to this Intune ODJConnector?

Log on as a service
Must be part of the Domain user group
Must be a member of the local Administrators group on the Windows server that hosts the connector