Autopilot White Glove at login screen?

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We're still early in our use of Autopilot, and I was running a test using White Glove.  I started the provisioning process, and checked in on it a couple of times.  The previous time I checked it was still installing applications, but, when I checked in next, oddly I ended up at a Windows login screen.

The first time this happened I thought I had flaked and not entered the White Glove process, so I logged in with my user account.  It seemed to continue the process, and eventually I was at the green screen with the 'Reseal' button.  

After trying a few things, I found that if the system has 1909 on it, everything proceeds as expected.  But if I have 2004, 20H2, or 21H1 installed, this odd behavior occurs.

So far, I'm only aware of this happening on a test Surface Pro 4.  I'll be pulling another device soon to see if I get the same results there.

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That's really odd.. I never have seen that behaviour, only a red screen :) .. You should try excluding the apps. Just change most of them to not required.

Check your security baselines and make sure they are assigned to users and not to device groups. Security baselines tend to cause a reboot during autopilot/ESP when assigned to device groups.

Components that might trigger a reboot when assigned to a device:
Windows 10 Security Baseline
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint baseline
Endpoint security – Device control

For verification you can consult eventvwr in the System – Windows log and check for eventid 1074 regarding a restart during autopilot. (The process CloudExpierienceHostbroker.exe has initiated the restart to reconfigure the operating system.)

Thanks for the input.
I'm trying to validate what I've found, but it seems to be two scripts I was using to get an Always On VPN Device Tunnel installed and functional, by temporarily upgrading from Pro to Enterprise, and then going back to Pro to complete activation. I found these on Richard Hicks' site.