Autopilot devices forcing Windows Hello for Business setup

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We are not currently using autopilot but I am planning on rolling it out with some new devices we are purchasing in a few months.  I have been doing some experimenting with it and I am stuck.  In Intune enrollment settings I have set windows hello for business to disabled.  However, whenever I try to enroll a device with autopilot it tries to force the user account to enroll in windows hello.


I understand the benefits of using windows hello, but I am not currently ready to roll it out to my users.  Can anyone help me figure out why this is happening?  I have attached a screenshot of my windows hello settings.

Hello for business disable.JPG

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@muels7I don't think this disabled applies to the Windows Autopilot it only applies to enroll already in used devices or doing the OOBE out of the box experience methods.


here is a UserVoice Also created for the same go ahead and read the comments that will give you some insights.

@PDostiyar Well that is frustrating....I have figured out a policy to disable WHfB intune for already registered devices, but if there is no way to prevent the WHfB pop-up when using User-Driven autopilot, I am not sure if this will be the correct route for me.  At least not at this time.

@muels7I can understand this but i am sure there will be a policy or a switch for it soon maybe someone needs to put that on Uservoice.


I have had the same. Still wondering what is going on there.... Do you have Security Baselines in place?