AutoPilot Aware UK Suppliers

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Hi all,


I run a UK based IT consultancy, we're a Dell Partner and get most of our hardware from TechData shipped directly to the end user.


I'm having a nightmare finding anyone at Dell or TechData who can advise how I can add devices I'm shipping into Autopilot. I'm aware I can use PowerShell if I have the device, but I want to ship directly to our customers.
We also supply to multiple customers so it's not just one tenant, but I haven't even got as far as anyone who knows the AutoPilot procedure at Dell or TechDatra.


Has anyone found a UK suppler or OEM that is happy dealing with AutoPilot especially the lower volume hardware orders that we process?


Thanks in advance for any replies or suggestions.


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Looking at:
You will find "Participant device manufacturers" press "Dell" you will see it says:
For more information about Dell Provisioning Services, please contact your Dell "EMC representative".