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From which part of Intune can you activate Windows Defender application control for all devices



thank you

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Hi @hugo566788,

here are the steps to activate Windows Defender Application Control for all devices from Intune:

  1. Access Intune Portal:
    Log in to the Intune portal.
  2. Navigate to Endpoint Security:
    Go to 'Endpoint Security' and select 'Application control for Business (preview).
  3. Add Managed Installer:
    Click on 'Managed Installer' and choose 'Add'. Follow the provided instructions and click 'Add' again.


  4. Create an Application Control Policy:
    Return to 'Endpoint Security', click on 'Application control', and then 'Create policy'. Name the policy, such as "App Control," and click 'Next'.
  5. Configure Policy:
    Utilize either the built-in controls or input XML data for configuration settings.
  6. Assign the Profile:
    Finally, assign the profile to a security group containing the devices where you want Windows Defender Application Control to be implemented.

Keep in mind that this feature is currently in public preview.

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