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Apr 11 2023 08:00 AM - Apr 12 2023 11:00 AM (PDT)

Any Intune configuration Allows an app to prevent the android Enterprise tablet from going to sleep?

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I deployed an app to one of our Android enterprise system, the app works good once deployed. then I had some feed back from my users who told me, the app logged out because our tablets goes to sleep after 10 mins, then they have to sign back in to the app. As part of our user's job, they really need this app be running at all time, my question is there any configuration or policy could allow an app to prevent the android Enterprise tablet from going to sleep?  I know you can go to the app in the tablets app setting and set prevent tablet from sleeping under permission, but i really hope it can be control via Intune.



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You could configure the setting Time to lock screen in Power Settings for this.

This should do what you want (

Hi@Thijs Lecomte:


Thanks for your reply, but my purpose is not have time out when I am running this app. Good example like Google map, if I us google map navigating me when I am driving, then the tablet stays on all time unless I close google map app.  that is what I am looking for.

This is something that should be programmed into the app then

This is not a Intune issue

I agree with you on that, I am also reached out to the app developer who's company made this app. Also I know there is permission option in the tablet, call "Prevent tablet from sleeping", it is under setting - apps - click the app you need- permissions - all permissions - "Prevent tablet from sleeping", may be that can fix my issue. That is why I reached out to Intune community to see if this is passable to be setup in Intune.


thanks very much

There is no setting in Intune for that.
It will be the easiest if the app required that permission before installation.

The developer should be able to configure it