Android - Screen Dimming after 30 seconds - How to disable?


Hello and greetings from Portugal,


I'm configuring a Samsung android tablet in multi-kiosk.

I'm having trouble configuring the screen to not dim or turn off after 30 seconds.

Which options do I need to configure to avoid this?


Best Regards,

Diogo Sousa

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There is a user voice for this, so I don't think so but I will let you know if I find anything.
Does it show the screensaver after that time? suggests you can change that. Have a look under screensaver mode.

@Diogo Sousa Are these the settings you need? If it's a kiosk, it will be plugged in so the bottom setting should help.




Hey @Terry Hugill thanks for your help!

Unfortunately didn't work for us, so we've decided to open an advisory case.


I'll keep you posted of what was the solution (if there's one) for this! :)


Tks again!

Yes, please post the answer here, it will help a lot of people (including me). Thank you.