Android (personally-owned work profile) - Factory reset

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Hello all,


I do have a question about configuring "Android (personally-owned work profile)".

When users perform an "unenroll" from the device, the device is correctly removed from Intune as well.

However, if they immediately perform a factory reset without unenrolling first, the device is still kept in Intune. How can I make sure that such devices are removed as well from Intune if a factory reset is done.

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When factory reset, the device is effectively removed from Intune since its Company Portal app and access tokens will be purged - it won't be able to log back in without re-entering credentials.


The device object is leftover in Intune, though, so it's not as graceful as full unenrollment. But take a look at Using Intune device cleanup rules  - Microsoft Community Hub. The device will become "inactive" and eventually clear out after the default 90 days (unless you shorten the interval).


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