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What’s new in Microsoft Intune – 2210 (October) edition
Published Oct 31 2022 09:00 AM 12.4K Views

With each month's "What's new," I typically share key capabilities we've added to Microsoft Intune. However, in October we hosted two conferences – Microsoft Ignite and Technical Takeoff – and had many accompanying announcements, so I thought you would appreciate a look back. I want to recap a few of those key announcements aimed at helping you do more with less, from solutions that reduce the complexity of deployments and better end-user experiences for all of our customers to our continued investment in cross-platform endpoint management. I hope you appreciate these enhancements and I look forward to your feedback. Please comment on this post or connect with me on LinkedIn.

It was great to see so many people in person

It was truly wonderful to get the opportunity to present everything related to the security and productivity of endpoint management in front of a live audience. Ignite provided the ability to listen to customers, while connecting face-to-face with customers, partners, and MVPs.

Our goal with Intune has always been to build the most comprehensive, cloud-connected, unified endpoint management solution, and Ignite provided a great platform to showcase how we're doing that. Then at Technical Takeoff, we were able to explore all the technical details of everything we introduced at Ignite with four days of deep dives, Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA), and a dedicated demo channel.

There was so much energy and excitement throughout both conferences. I can't wait for next year. Now, here is a look back at a few can't-miss October announcements.


A new suite of advanced endpoint management solutions

During our discussions with CTOs over the past few years, we heard that, because of hybrid work and security threats, organizations were stitching together solutions by paying for multiple tools provided by different vendors.

With our new suite of advanced endpoint management solutions scheduled to be released in March 2023, we will introduce a new bundled plan that unites Remote Help, Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile App Management, Endpoint Privilege Management, advanced endpoint analytics capabilities, and more advanced management capabilities in Microsoft Intune.

Adding this new Intune suite creates an opportunity for organizations to centralize and consolidate the tools used to manage and protect their digital estate, provide remote assistance, and remove the risks of local admin users, create delightful end user experience among other uses.

Implementing this new advanced endpoint management solution will reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for multiple-point solutions and costly integration projects, in addition to providing the benefits of increased security and better user experiences that CTOs and CISOs have requested.

We provide more information on this announcement Reduce your overall TCO with a new Microsoft Intune plan .

Microsoft’s new suite of advanced endpoint management solutionsMicrosoft’s new suite of advanced endpoint management solutions

Unveiling the new Microsoft Intune product family

You might be noticing a theme that, to simplify and centralize tools, while improving security, and reducing the total cost of ownership, we are working to deliver better end-user experiences for all of our customers.

For example, with 50% of Microsoft-managed endpoints now cloud-connected, compared to less than 20% in 2020, we're building on that momentum with our October announcement that Microsoft Intune is the new name covering the entire product family for all things related to endpoint management at Microsoft. This change means we will no longer use the name Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

We are committed to our investment into Intune's core, creating ongoing enhancements to the features, performance, and Microsoft 365 integrations you've come to rely on.

Find more information on the new Microsoft Intune product family in the blog post Introducing the Microsoft Intune product family.

Expanding solutions in the Microsoft Intune product familyExpanding solutions in the Microsoft Intune product family

Continued investments in cross-platform manageability

We had a lot of news to share about cross-platform improvements, including the general availability of Linux desktop management in Microsoft Intune.

Additionally, we announced the ability to manage and protect data across corporate devices that run on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) through Microsoft Intune.

During Ignite, we explored how Intune simplifies management through centralized visibility for all the managed devices and apps frontline workers rely on. 

And finally, we know securely managing Mac, iOS, and iPad devices is a key, not to mention essential, part of endpoint management. We provided the most recent enhancements for enrollment, shared devices, app protection, etc., to ensure a seamless user experience on Apple devices.

October was a busy month, so we curated a by-topic summary of useful resources:

Advanced management


Cross platform


There are dozens of more Windows, security, and management sessions; these were simply some of the highlights. For more content:

Let us know what you think

Next month we plan to return with our usual feature highlights from the 2211 release. Please share your comments, questions, and feedback, so we can continue to improve the endpoint user experience and simplify IT administration. Simply comment on this post or connect with me on LinkedIn.


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