#MonthOfMEM 2021: Endpoint Management Acceleration Day and more!
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Looking for deeper technical content on the features and solutions you use to manage your endpoints? Want to engage directly with the engineers building the latest capabilities? Microsoft Ignite is just the beginning! From in-depth technical training to free 1:1 consultations, the #MonthOfMEM offers you more. More opportunities to increase your skills. More chances to Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA). Read on, save the date, and join us!

Updated 2021.11.10 with links and times for the Tech Community Live event

Endpoint Management Acceleration Day - November 9, 2021

Take advantage of eight free hours of deep technical training, delivered across three time zones! Our technical program managers have crafted two core tracks: Windows device management and Mobile device management. Build the training schedule that best suits your needs. Spend time with your favorite Microsoft Endpoint Manager product managers to learn and have your questions answered.

Windows device management

Four hours of free training! Save the date for the option that works best for you!

  • Option 1 – 10:00 AEST | 00:00 UTC | 16:00 PT
  • Option 2 – 18:30 AEST | 08:30 UTC | 00:30 PT
  • Option 3 – 03:30 AEST | 17:30 UTC | 09:30 PT



What you'll learn

Hour 1:
Managing Windows devices natively with Intune and Azure AD

Manage Windows 10 & Windows 11 with Intune & Azure AD. Learn what you can do now and learn what’s coming next.

Hour 2:
Cloud-attach your Windows devices, and manage with co-management

Cloud attaching your Windows devices allows certain workloads to be managed by Intune while other workloads are managed by Configuration Manager. See where we are going with cloud attach and how you can eventually migrate to a cloud-native strategy.

Hour 3:
From procurement to deployment to management to retirement, Windows devices never have to touch a corporate building

What does the lifecycle of a Windows device look like in the cloud? Using Windows Autopilot and Intune, the deployment, configuration, security, updates, and reset & decommissioning of your device can be fully managed and secured in the cloud.

Hour 4:
One Windows size does not have to fit all

Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Managed Desktop...you do not need to settle on a single solution for your company. You'll find that one department in your org wants a lightweight, cloud-based solution, so Windows 365 is the best solution for them, while another wants the robustness of a physical laptop with high specs. So, you offer them Windows 11. You'll find MMD, and AVD, and even Windows 10 are the right solutions in certain scenarios. But whatever you choose, however you mix and match, you can deploy, secure, and manage these devices from one place: Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Mobile device management

Save the date for the option that works best for you:

*Events may be in a different order per region, than the order listed below. Please review the order of events in each region by clicking the Option links below.

  • Option 1 – 14:30 AEST | 04:30 UTC | 20:30 PT
  • Option 2 – 23:00 AEST | 13:00 UTC | 05:00 PT
  • Option 3 – 08:00 AEST | 22:00 UTC | 14:00 PT



What you'll learn

Hour 1:
Intune tips and tricks

Join us for our Intune tips and tricks session, where you can learn all the trade secrets that will help you be an Intune boss!

Hour 2:
Managing macOS with Intune

Learn how to manage macOS with Intune, including enrollment, deploying applications, and configuration and scripting. Plus, we’ll show you all the features we've shipped over the last year and what we've got planned for the rest of the year and beyond.

Hour 3:
Application Protection Policies

Application Protection Policies continue to evolve, as we continue innovating. Look at some of our recent product investments, from security, data protection, and conditional launch in both managed and unmanaged environments.

Hour 4:
Intune reporting and Log Analytics

Focusing on Microsoft Endpoint Manager scenarios we will explore the many pieces of the reporting environment and ideas on how to take advantage of the data. From Log Analytics, to the Export API, to accessing the Microsoft Graph directly, we will work through scenarios that highlight the value of the different components and provide tips and techniques to build reports for your teams.

Tech Community Live: Microsoft Endpoint Manager edition- November 18, 2021

Join Microsoft experts in the first Microsoft Endpoint Manager edition of Tech Community Live on November 18, 2021. Click on the event name below for details and the ability to add it to your calendar plus submit early questions!

Microsoft Endpoint Manager 1:1 Consultations
November 15-19, 2021

Want a one-on-one discussion with an expert? Our Microsoft Endpoint Manager product managers and engineers will be covering shifts around the clock, around the world, just to connect with you! Space is limited, so it will be first come, first served. Book your meeting now!

Not yet an Insider? Please join our Microsoft Endpoint Management Insiders community.

  • Android device management
  • iOS/iPad device management
  • macOS device management
  • Intune App Protection for Mobile Apps
  • Windows device management
  • Endpoint analytics
  • Endpoint security
  • Windows Autopilot
  • Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager
  • Managing devices in education
  • Intune support case & troubleshooting follow-up
  • SaaF – Support as a Feature
  • Stuck on troubleshooting or have a tricky support case? Bring your details to our experts and see if they can unstick you!

Microsoft Ignite on demand

Microsoft Ignite brings customers, partners, vendors, and our own developers and engineers all together in a room, so to speak. Want info on all of the Endpoint Manager and Windows sessions? Check out Shravana’s post, Microsoft Endpoint Manager at Microsoft Ignite 2021: November edition. Go back and watch the recordings anytime at https://myignite.microsoft.com

Don’t let your learning stop here! Microsoft Ignite and Endpoint Management Acceleration Day are just two ways you can learn to keep your devices securely deployed and managed, while your users stay productive. Check out our Learning Paths on Microsoft Learn to learn more, and keep developing your #MEMpowered skills!


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