Using Upload Form with ZIP Files

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I need students to be able to submit assignments via a Form, that prompts them for information, then allows them to attach a file for upload. I have created one in MS Forms that is fine, but it does not allow ZIP files to be attached. These are files for Music Tech (audio), so are large (over 100 MB), and the "Assignments" submission in Teams has a 50 MB size limit. It seems I'm stuck.

What's the simplest way for me to allow 100 students to submit their files. I know they can put them on their individual OneDrives and send me a download link, but that is a SERIOUS amount of work for me, with lots of room for errors by the students. Is there a way to use Flows, SharePoint, or other apps to automatically move an uploaded ZIP file to my classroom's drive? A third party upload form that accepts ZIP files? Again, I want to make it SIMPLE for the student to submit their assignment.



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Let them change the extension of the zip files to be 'pdf' for example. When you get the files rename them with zip again.

Does the renaming of zip to pdf and getting back works ? 

would it not cause a corruption of file ? @Hagar_Usama 

Not, it's working fine. Point is why does microsoft, since there is this workaround, allow to upload zip file? For me it's actually no sense