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I work as a consultant for a large health care organization (~12 000 users).  For them, it is imperative that not all users, though they have E3-licenses, can create and share Forms. Is there a way to activate Forms for only a specific group of users? I already know that it can be done per user, but that would be an impossible task to manage efficiently.


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You could try group-based licensing 


You can assign one or more product licenses to a group. Azure AD ensures that the licenses are assigned to all members of the group. Any new members who join the group are assigned the appropriate licenses.


When a product license is assigned to a group, the administrator can disable one or more service plans in the product. Typically, this assignment is done when the organization is not yet ready to start using a service included in a product. For example, the administrator might assign Office 365 to a department, but temporarily disable the Yammer service.


@Maggan Wåhlin 


There are some options here. Doing it one by one isn't effective.


You could 


1.) Look to use Powershell

2.) Look to use this tool: 


Both should be able to remove/add in bulk.


Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris

Thank you, looks like it can help me a lot :-). Could you refer me to some examples of Powershell commands for this particular scenario?