Turn a Form into a Quiz

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I created a form that took several hours and I really needed a quiz instead - what are the options to convert the current form into a quiz?

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@mholloway445 sorry, you'll need to re-build it as there's no method to convert a form to a quiz.


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I had a similar problem and I exported the form to a PDF and then imported that into Forms as a Quiz and although there's a few tweaks required it was certainly better than starting all over again.


Thanks so much for sharing this! How did you export it back in to the Quiz?



Go to forms.office.com and you'll see a Quick Import button.  Pretty much self-explanatory after that.  However, when I tried this (converting Quiz to Form), it would have been way more trouble to tweak the import than to start over.

No update for this? any hope MS would start doing things in a reazonable way?

@Joe78man315  no update; it's not in the roadmap and Microsoft have made no comment about it in the feedback portal.


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Thanks for the sad confirmation
Still no update end of March 2024. Seems like this would be a really quick fix. g-forms allows you to switch back and forth with the click of a button. Also, FYI, if you post a "form" in assignments in the class teams app, it records all the responses as anonymous even though students have signed in and are accessing the form through the teams app! So annoying.

@Cathy74 if you think this is really quick fix you must work for Microsoft and know all the complexities of the coding. I, however, have no clue.