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Is there any way to Display / Hide either a Question or Section based on a Piping Value.


I'm sending survey from Flow but, I don't want certain questions to be shown if Piping Value is X.

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Hi @Scott Mckenzie 


Not that I am aware.


You could branching questions to bypass what's not relevant which could be based on the value you want, but the user would need to manually choose that option for the right branch of questions to kick in.


Other option (depending on how many piping values you have) is to have a Form for each of the variations and then use Flow to send the specific one based on the Piping value.


Hopefully something in that is useful!


Have a great day.




@Damien Rosario Thanks for that. 


I've been trying a number of options but, the Form needs to Dynamically change when we issue it. Because this needs to be done at certain periods, there would have to be about 30 different variants of the Form to achieved the desired result.


You will need to use a PowerApp generated from a SharePoint list, you can then send parameters in the querystring as Param and then have fields in the form visible based on that Param.

Hi @Scott Mckenzie 


With that many variations perhaps Forms isn't the best option for you with this scenario. Maybe a more feature rich service will be easier.


You could go down the PowerApps path if you are prepared to program the conditions into the app to meet the various paths it can take. There's lots of resources to help you learn how to do it and there's a great PowerApps/Flow forum where all the experts sit and can help.


Otherwise I don't have any other ideas for you right now.


Check out the forum, I reckon you'll find something useful there.


Best wishes


@Scott Mckenzie I agree with @Damien Rosario 100%. It sounds like Forms Pro might not be the right fit for this requirement. At the moment, piped data can be used to push variables in to the Survey Invitation, and then extract them from the response, but there is no way to use them to add to fields or as logic for branching rules. It's an awesome idea though, perhaps add it to Microsoft User Voice and add as a suggestion?