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Hello all. I have created some forms for work and using power automate to get submitted forms sent to someone else other than me. If I use the collaborate links they can edit the form and if they alter the first question the form will fail because based on the answers depends who gets the email. 

I have tried using the link that collect responses generates but when the click that link from the email it goes to a blank form ready to be filled in. 

is there anyway of getting a link to the responses that I can link in the body of the email that will take someone other than me to the responses part of the form.  

I currently have the questions in the body of the email and answers using the dynamic function. That works but ideally I want the person who gets the email to be able to see the form and transfer details to excel.  

hope someone can help



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than me to the responses part of the form.
I guess your situation similar to below:

@Evans8773 the person who sees the email cannot access the completed form (that is not a feature at all). Use your flow in Power Automate to add each response to a row in an Excel table, or better still into a SharePoint list.


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