Remove watermark in mail sent from Forms Pro Survey

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I have created a Forms Pro Survey form to send survey link using custom template. I have addded details different than the default template.


Now, I get mail having all details but the first line of the mail has been overwritten with some other contents, which haven't been used in my custom template. As per my understanding this text is like watermark. How can I get rid of it? Please find below image of received mail & overwritten text. Any help would be appreciated.


Survey Mail.PNG


Watermark: "Disclaimer: Microsoft is providing this email on behalf of ABD. Please contact this company with your questions about its privacy practices."


Thank you.

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I have the exact same issue with my templates that I am trying to resolve. Did you manage to remove/move the disclaimer?

@ZoeArcher ,



Thank you for your attention and time in answering me. Was it possible to find the solution?