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I am building a form to automate our return for credit process. I would like to add a question, 'Item/s Returned' but I would like 2 text inputs, one for the part number and a second for the quantity. I would like to also have a button for the respondent to add a new row to add additional items.


The long term goal is to use MS Flow to create an iDOC which I can use as a EDI connection to SAP. I could use a long answer text field and just ask the respondent to enter the part number and quantity but I will get data entered in different formats. This will make it hard to get data straight into SAP.


Is this possible?

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Hi @Gavin_Grech 


Forms can't do it to that extent although you could specify fields as Number (which might help if there's no Alphanumeric), but PowerApps could be the way to go as you can specify the inputs and control the integrity with some tweaks.


YouTube and search engines will have lots of content around how to do it step by step.


Hope that makes sense?