MS-Forms Questions not appear when the form is shared

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Hello, We did a very simple form with 7 questions and once we share copying the survey link and only 5 questions is appearing to the end user answer, the last two questions is not appearing to them. do you why this is heppening ?  anyone have seem this before ?

than you very much.

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@RenatoKonda is this issue resolved? can you share the resolution what fixed it? I am seeing the same upon sharing the form, just a few questions and not all of them can be seen by the user. Thanks.

ok figured it out.. the branching was turned on for one of the question that was hiding the succeeding questions.

Hi @ashishgoel 

This has happened to me as well. I had a survey of 13 questions, then added branching to the 6th, but could only see up to Q5 in the preview and when sharing the survey with others.

The only way around it was to turn off the branching.

Thanks for your tip :)



I had the same problem and solved it by deleting one question. After that all other questions was there when previewing... So, just add the deleted question again. :) 

How can you see which question has branching? I just went to look in each one, and I don't see that branching was clicked @Matty_Swe 

At the bottom of any question click the 3 dots and click on Add branching. That will open the page where you will see the branching for every question.