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I am Dynamics 365 user and I am entitled for Microsoft Forms PRO license. Despite adding the license in the Office 365 Administration Center. My users continue to see standard FORMS rather than PRO.

Does anyone know how my users can access PRO?




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Sure - login via

Then you should be able to see it if you have the licence assigned to your users in the admin centre.

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris

Hello @Christopher Hoard , 


I´ve got the same problem. I am not able to access to FormsPro. There is an automatic redirection to "normal" Forms. My colleague on the other side is able to access FormsPro and we have the same rights.


Do you have another idea?

Hi Nico,

If they can access Forms pro then it'll be enabled in the Tenant. I have heard of cases where admin's have blocked trial subscriptions via Powershell which was causing the issue.

Can you check (or with your administrator if you haven't got access to the M365 admin portal) to make sure that you have a Forms Pro licence on your user. In regards the redirection, is that true if 1.) You select get started and run through the process on this page: and if you try to access it from another browser/incognito on the current browser?

If the answer is yes to all of the above and you have the exact same configuration but are still getting it I would personally raise a ticket to support. I would be interested in hearing what the root cause was if that is the case!

Best, Chris