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I am currently working on a project where I require people to fill out forms but with exact spelling of names (that might not be theirs). Because the organization has nearly 400 members, I cannot just do a drop-down or check-box item on a form. I am curious if there is any way I can have Microsoft forms suggest / auto-fill the name section of the form once they start typing a name, much like Outlook will autocomplete for emails / contacts? Any help is much appreciated, thank you!


- Brian

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@brianrcaskey  no  unfortunately there's no way to auto-complete a name or autopopulate data in Forms. A uservoice request for the autocomplete is at and one to pre-populate fields in the form is at

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@RobElliott Thank you for the speedy reply and reference links! 

At present, the names of students are found at the beginning of Microsoft Form > Review > People.   After giving feedback to all questions of a student, it'd be more convenient to have a button to go to the next student so that we do not have to scroll up to the top and select the next student.@brianrcaskey 

@RobElliott I desperately need this feature as well. I've voted +1 on the two links you provided.

You would need to use a "canvas" Power App instead of Microsoft Forms. That lets you put a people picker for anyone in your org's directory. Or if they aren't in your directory you could do a lookup against a CSV or SharePoint List (a little bit more complicated)