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Hello everyone, 


I'm looking for some advice please.  I am in the process of rolling out Samsung Tablets for each of our worksites.  The reason we are provisding the tablets is to remove the need for paper based forms to make everything electonic. 


I would like to use Microsoft Forms Pro to replace the forms but I'm not quite sure how I can set them up so once the form has been completed it goes to the right department. 


The main questions I have are: 


1, Once we've converted the form to the Microsoft Form, how will the template forms be shown on the tablet? 


2, How will the comopleted forms go to the right department? 


3, Will we need server to store the completed froms? 





Lee Rigby 

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@Lee_Rigby the forms you create are all shown on the homepage of Forms unless you have collaborated with others in which case they are saved in the Group forms tab. However I would suggest that you create a SharePoint site, possibly with just the homepage and that you add the Forms web part to that page. Your users won't need to know the long url of the form but can just go straight to the SharePoint site.


You can also use a list on this SharePoint site to store the responses. You will need a column for each question. My forms are always just within the organisation so I use the Title column of the SharePoint list to store the email address of the responder.


To ensure your form responses are sent to the right department automatically you will need to create a flow in Power Automate. This will get the form response and then there will need to be a type of condition called a Switch which looks at the department name selected by the user in the form. This condition is in the form if department is equal to.... then..... You would have a case for each department with the email action in each one sending it to the correct department. There are other  ways of selecting the department, from a separate list for example, but the Switch/Case approach is a good way to do it providing you don't have more than 26 departments.


At its simplest, the flow would look like the one below, saving the form response to the SharePoint list and sending the email to the appropriate department.




Los Gallardos
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Hi Rob, 


That is brilliant, thank you for taking the time to respond.  Are there any videos on youtube, etc. that will show me how to setup the Sharepoint?