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Hi there,


Silly question here, is possible to do something like a lookup in MS forms?


I need to insert a dropdown with several choices and depends on the choice selected I would like to see a checkbox with a hyperlink, 


BTW the form is in public mode.


Could someone help me or point me in a possible workaround?


Thanks in advance,

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@sajarac what you could do is to use sections and branching. So add a section for each choice in the question:



Then add branching:



And select the section that each answer should go to if it's selected:



Then add whatever you need to for the question(s) in each section. For the url you would need to put that in the section description.


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You are absolutely correct, that is probably the best and only solution so far for the lack of features in MS Forms.

Thanks in advance!!!!
I have the same problem with lack of usable lookups in context of needing to update values in the form from a linked data source within the form. The only solution l have found useful is a flow updating a choice in dataverse for use in Power app