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Hello, I am trying to get a list of all forms in my tenant with their name, description, user created, and date build. Is that possible?? Looks like Forms usage report does not provide that information from the list that I have exported.


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Hi anukap

This is not possible today. The forms usage report that you found is what we currently provide. However, we are looking into enhancing that report in the future, but ETA TBD. I'll bring this feedback back to my team as we continue to discuss this

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Hi John,
Is there an update here? I understand that Microsoft have a policy which automatically deletes any MS Form where the ORIGINAL creator has been disabled in AAD, irrespective of how many other staff the creator shared it with.

This poses significant issues for organisations that develop business processes around these forms. It is a flawed policy seems rather unnecessary - ie. why delete something that is active? The equivalent is if a person creates an 'IT User Access request' form in Microsoft Word > sets up an end-to-end onboarding process > leaves the company shortly after > and, 'BOOM', the Word document is deleted without any recourse.

The request from anukap would provide the IT department to have a concise list of ALL active Microsoft Form instances, and enable proactive decisions to save the form under a persistant account, or advise the stakeholders of a better option (MS Forms isn't always best suited to the requirement).

I doubt there would be any customer that wouldn't benefit from providing such a report. Additional columns such as 'form name', 'creator name', 'owner name(s)' and 'last modified date' would also be beneficial.

No additional updates here at this time re: ability to list forms or additional lifecycle options

@Ask_Ak  Do we have any update on this enhancement? I know that we NEED admin tools to keep forms consistent AND maintained even after the creator leaves the org.


Is there any update on this topic?
Are there any plans to have this info available, even if is thru an API?

Hi Jon,

What is the state of progress since 2021 for reporting and administration capabilities in MS Forms? Not being able to manage users' MS Forms within a tenant is critical for an organization and demonstrates product immaturity.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


is there an update on this , is it going to be implemented . admins get lots of requests about forms

Hi Jon, are there any updates for when this will happen. It is becoming quite critical to our organisation to see what forms have been created in our tenant and by whom



There is currently no way to query all forms in a tenant, and we do not have plans to add this feature. However, there are two Microsoft Purview features that may be helpful for customers:

  1. Microsoft Purview - Auditing: This feature allows customers to audit log activities and query CreateForm activities for all users in the tenant in the last 3 months (Standard) or 1 year (Premium).
  2. Microsoft Purview - eDiscovery: This feature is currently in progress and will allow customers to query all forms for selected users.

@Dingkun Xie 


Thank you for the information. When will the eDiscovery feature become available?

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There is no committed release date yet.


We're in March 2024. 
Digging up this subject as initial request is from 2021 !
We all aware that Microsoft focus more on CoPilot rather than all other tools, but is there any chance that we can expect a release date for the eDiscovery feature to list all forms within a tenant ?
Previously created request all dispareared, even if they got more than 300 votes...

Lots of feedback here : 

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Unfortunately, the product team has not provided any timeline for the implementation of this feature.